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Internet marketing, also known as online or inbound marketing, is how many businesses reach new prospects and stay connected with their current customers. By using the Internet (and its ancillary branches, such as email and social media) to market their business, they are able to get their message out to people across the globe in a fraction of the time it would take using more “traditional” methods. Because people are increasingly spending a lot of their time online, it’s important to know how to use Internet marketing methods in the most effective way possible. Here are some tips and techniques you can use to take full advantage of this type of marketing.TIPS AND TECHNIQUES FOR INTERNET MARKETING SUCCESSSocial Media MarketingOne thing people have always had in common is the desire to stay connected. Today, tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow people to connect immediately with friends and family as well as the world at large. Social media marketing is very important for businesses because it helps them nurture their current customer base while also giving them the opportunity to make contact with new customers.Whether you want to leverage your online presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of the many social media platforms out there, the aim is the same: giving your customers the chance to connect with your business on a more personalized level via a two-way interaction. You may utilize your social media accounts to promote your business,; however, your primary goal should be to establish a conversation with customers and prospects to find out how you can better solve their problems and deliver what they are looking for. Professional internet marketers agree that selling on these platforms should be minimized; the focus is on engagement, creating interest and curiosity. Continual and overused sales pitches will likely have the reverse effect, and posts will be ignored.Mobile MarketingSimilar to social media marketing is mobile marketing. More often than not, your customers and prospects will be connecting with your business through their smartphones or tablets instead of their computers. It is much easier to check websites or social media on the go rather than to sit down at a computer, so it is essential your marketing approach is mobile-friendly. This means having your website transferrable from desktop to mobile without glitches, as well as utilizing apps or creating your own. Internet advertising also includes banner ads on relevant websites and SMS (short message service),or text message marketing. In the case of text messaging, the protocol requirement is for customers to opt in to an automated system by texting a reply or shortcode. Once the customer has opted in, text message specials or important product and service updates are welcomed.SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing – Visibility MarketingWhen a person is looking online for something similar to fit their needs, they enter search terms in a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. If your website or page isn’t optimized for search engines, your page ranking may be so low that no one will find you – or you may not even show up at all! In order to be “found”, your website needs to be visible to all of the major search engines. The way you make this happen is by SEO marketing, which utilizes specific tools (such as keywords, link building, and relevant content, to name just a few) to increase visibility and elevate page ranking. At 1st Straw, we refer to SEO as “visibility marketing”, because every technique used is designed to make your website more visible to search engines. Improving your SEO marketing strategies will help get your business at the top of the search list instead of lost in all the other website links. Do this by thinking about what customers will search for instead of using typical words and phrases. The key to great SEO marketing is to think like a customer, and to create your keywords, build your links, and craft your content accordingly.E-Mail MarketingFor many of us, our first thought at the words “email marketing” brings to mind the annoying “junk” or “spam” messages that land in our inbox each day. This is a prime example of email marketing done wrong. The purpose of email marketing is to maintain contact with your customers and prospects. Effectively done, it can be a powerful tool to generate more leads for your business.You’ll want to design your email content to be compelling and relevant to your recipients. You can craft an online newsletter that’s distributed on a regular basis (e.g., monthly or semi-monthly). A successful email campaign has a clear objective, includes an “opt in” technique, and gets through the junk/spam filters so that it can actually be read. Be sure to use an email marketing provider that allows you to track your results so that you know who is opening your email and clicking through to your website or other links.Internet marketing is a significant marketing channel that can reap measurable results. Use these strategies to step up your inbound marketing game and improve your online presence. The end result is more leads to convert into sales!

What Are The Mistakes To Avoid In Mobile App Marketing? – Mobile Internet Marketing

Mobile apps are the hottest things when it comes to Internet marketing today. They have the power to make a business become more accessible to users with a mobile phone and an Internet connection. A mobile app exclusive to a particular company gives out its latest news and valuable information, thus making the company stay connected to its app users all the time.They are very powerful tools today, and a great responsibility comes with great power. However, marketers can end up making huge mistakes if they do not take this responsibility seriously. This article talks about some of the top mistakes made in mobile app marketing, and also the necessary tips to avoid them.#1.Creating an App without a Proper Marketing PlanCreating an app does not mean that it will have tremendous downloads in the app stores. In fact, it will become a failure if you cannot market it properly. So what is the solution? You have to take advantage of your available assets to make people aware of your new launch. Your website should allow visitors to buy the app by displaying a direct link to its page in the app stores. You should include your social channels in your marketing activities. Moreover, you should also use ASO (App Store Optimization) tools to give it better exposure in the app stores.#2.Creating a Mobile Website and Passing it off as an AppWhen a user downloads an app, he only cares about his own experience. It should give a reason to people to get downloaded. I understand that the competition is already stiff with 750,000 apps in both Google Play and Apple App Store, but you should never try to create an app that takes a user directly to your mobile website. It should always focus on key features of your business, and give out only the latest and necessary information.#3.Creating an App and Ignoring its Customer BaseYou should not assume that people would come back to your app just because it is useful. Most developers fail to connect with their customers. As a result, they never achieve skyrocketing success. It is important to create an excellent app that focuses on the user experience. However, you also should not ignore creating a two-way interacting channel with it. In this way, the users will not only feel special but also have a more direct access to your business. It should have an easy feedback submission form and rating prompts. Your product will become successful only if you have healthy relationships with your users.If you want your mobile app to become successful, then you must act as a responsible marketer too. Keep the 3 points in mind and make sure that you do not make these grave mistakes.